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Junkheap Heroes is a tabletop game for 2-4 players where players take up the role of scrapyard engineers, fishing for parts to add to their robots. Players will search a tile based map for parts, build parts onto you robot, and collect scrap metal for money. Grab your goggles and may the best engineer win! Built in 100 hours for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4.

Install instructions

The P&P file contains 4 sheets, each with a front and a back, The backs are optional, see how to print and set up the game with and without them in the instructions. Please leave feed back in the comments if you play, Thanks! (Money Tokens Not Included)


JunkheapHeroes.zip 121 MB
Junkheap Heroes Rulebook.docx 56 kB


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Wow, impressive! I've always been fascinate about the minds of those who have the ability to come up with a table top game. I find this to be a bigger challenge than designing a video game. 

I'll have to bring this up next time I get together with my friends to try to give it a go. I'll at least ready the rulebook. 

Might be helpful if you can upload a video of people playing this game. That usually tends to help others get excited to play it :D